Peru’s manufacturing sector is the best evidence of the rise of industrial activity and is a determining factor in the calculation of the GDP. A large percentage of this results from the construction, mining and manufacturing industries, but other important contributions are made by the chemical, metallurgical, non-metallic mineral and steel industries. In this way both local and regional production chains are generated.

This sector is one of the large potential inter-sectorial forces of the economy. It is strategic because it interacts with other industries, in that it supplies materials for their productive processes.

Growth prospects

Peruvian companies are strongly consolidating their position in the domestic market and are highly competitive. This increases their chances of accessing the opportunities that are offered by international markets, especially those of Central and South America and in particular those of new mining projects in the region.

The suitable geographic location of the national supply makes it possible to take advantage of the beneficial conditions of access to the South American market, thanks to the low costs of transport and free trade agreements. This brings extensive comparative advantages derived from the geographical proximity to our main markets and the tariff benefits that come with the free trade agreements.