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6548918_300x300PROMPERÚ is an agency of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism specialised as Technical Agency, responsible for the Promotion of Peru in exports, tourism and image.

Mission. To position Peru in the global scene by promoting the nation’s image as a tourist destination and producer of value added products, thus contributing to the nation’s sustainable and decentralized development.

Vision.To be the best export and tourism promotion agency in Latin America, in terms of both results and recognition.




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The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism defines, directs, implements, coordinates and oversees trade policy and tourism. 

It takes the responsibility for promoting exports and international trade negotiations, in coordination with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy and Finance and other government sectors in the scope of their respective powers. It is also responsible for the regulation of foreign trade.

The head of the sector directs international trade negotiations of the state and is authorized to sign agreements within the framework of its competence in tourism promotes, directs and regulates tourism in order to promote sustainable development, including promotion, guidance and regulation of craftsmanship.