Seafood Products

fishery-homeOur fishing tradition dates back to the beginnings of the Peruvian culture, more than five thousand years ago. Since then, seafood has been a fundamental part of our customary diet and thanks to the climatic conditions – a natural privilege that Peruvians have been able to take advantage of – the abundance that comes from fishing is not sustained only on the quantity of the available resources, but mainly on quality and variety.

Thanks to its favourable climatic conditions, the Peruvian ocean is highly productive. It has a great variety of hydrobiological resources that are approved for a modern and fruitful fishing industry. Among the most notable species are anchoveta (Peruvian anchovy), giant squid (pota), shrimps, perico (Mahi Mahi), scallops, mackerel, and bivalve molluscs, to name just a few.

Now that the world is taking notice of the huge nutritional potential of seafood products, Peru positions itself in the spotlight because our proposal of value is one of the most interesting: A fishing culture, business experience and upmarket resources that are processed following the strictest sanitary controls. Adding up to that, are the organoleptic features of the products, an advantage that is starting to be appreciated by the main international markets.

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