The Netherlands

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Why the Netherlands? 

  1. Location. The Netherlands is on the continent, close to Europe's 500 million consumers, not to mention the business customers. 
  2. The infrastructure is first class.  The Netherlands has world-class airport, top-ranked seaports and high-speed road, rail and broadband networks are second to none. 
  3. Fluent in English. Some 90% of Dutch speak English — the language of business worldwide — and many people are multilingual. 
  4. The Netherlands has an awesome business climate. There are hundreds of multinational companies like  Astellas, Cisco, Danone, Dow, Fujifilm, Heinz, Huawei, SABIC, Siemens and hundreds of other multinationals thriving in Holland.
  5. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency offers free, confidential services to make starting up, rolling out and expanding your company easy in the Netherlands.