Why Peru?

Why should you invest in Peru?

  • Peru shows a scenario of sustained economic expansion, which is essential to attract investments.  In the year 2010, the economic activity reached a growth of 9%, the exports rose by 32% and private investment rose by 22% exceeding US$ 27,000 million.

  • In addition to the macroeconomic growth reached for 9 consecutive years, there are positive expectations for the following years based on announcements of public and private investment project execution, growth of internal consumption and the responsible economic policy that has strengthened the financial system, maintained public expenditure and reduced the debt-GDP ratio, providing strength to Peruvian development. It is projected that as from 2011 the GDP will grow above 6%, which is its structural potential of growth.

  • Since over two decades ago, Peru has assumed a wide opening investment policy, setting a coherent, promoter, stable and transparent legal framework based on equality of conditions for foreign and domestic investments, which was also reflected in the Constitution.  Our legal framework for foreign investment is one of the most modern and less restrictive ones worldwide, and it reflects principles that orient investment policies at international level.

  • Moreover, Peruvian regulations have special regimes providing stability and help the investor in the pre-operational stage of investment projects.

  • At international level, Peru has developed a network of international investment treaties, nowadays, Peru has 31 current agreements.  Besides, the possibility for preferential access to extended markets through commercial agreements, markets that might be accessed by the investor from our country. Peru has signed Commercial Agreements with its main partners, such as Free Trade Agreements with the U.S.A. and China and a Partnership Agreement with the European Union.

  • The optimum panorama offered by Peru for the development of investment projects is acknowledged by main organizations and risk assessment centers which have placed Peru among “investment grade” countries.

  • Countless natural resources available for transformation: basic and precious minerals, hydrocarbons and great capacity for hydric energy generation, among others.

  • Optimum climatic conditions and land with agricultural potential: they guarantee high agricultural yield on the Peruvian coast, particularly high value crops (fruit and vegetables), in which Peru has been consolidating as an important worldwide exporter.  Furthermore, there is a great potential of development in the Andes or the rainforest, from which we obtain products with high nutritional content – such as Andean cereals – and exotic fruit, of growing consumption in Asian countries.

  • Biodiversity: Peru has the majority of climates or life zones in the world; it is the second country in Latin America in terms of natural forest extensions and it has a vast coast; besides, it is the main exporter of fish flour and oil.

  • Growing cities: Lima, the capital city of Peru, has nearly 10 million inhabitants, and there are other fast developing cities, with urban percentage of around 65%.

  • Strategic location in the Southern Hemisphere: Peru is a natural aero commercial hub as it is located in the center of South America, a few hours by plane from main American capital cities and with a growing investment in port infrastructure to intermediate the South American trade with Asian Pacific countries with preferential customs treatment.

  • We invite you to invest in Peru.  The Peruvian State, by means of PROINVERSIÓN (Private Investment Promotion Agency) provides free expedition and assistance services to potential investors in Pre-establishment, Establishment and Post-Establishment stages.